6 Tips for Your First Southeast Asia Trip

Choosing airlines fleet to flight to Southeast Asia is very important if you want to have a trip there. Besides choosing the best airlines, you also still have some preparations to do in order to have a comfortable trip. With good preparations and good tips, you can enjoy more your trip to Southeast Asia!

6 Tips You Cannot Forget for Your Trip to Southeast Asia

Before you go on your trip around Southeast Asia, it would be good to make a good preparation. Even before you pick any airlines fleet for your flight, it would be good to prepare some things. To arrange your good trip to Southeast Asia, the following tips are recommended for you to try!

  • Pick Certain Countries or Cities to Visit

Even though you might have many countries on your list, it would be good to get your focus on certain specific country or city. Then, you can go around and explore more tourism sites in that country or city. For example, if you decide to go to Singapore, you can stick with that place for your first trip and go around there. Then, you can try a different country for the next time.

  • Pack Your Backpack Well

You also have to know about what things that you need to pack on your backpack or luggage. Do not bring too many clothes but make your luggage or backpack is comfortable enough to be brought. Remember that Southeast Asian countries are quite warm, so you do not need to bring too many warm clothes.

  • Prepare Cash Money

When you arrive at your destination, make sure to change your money at that time. Yes, do not change it when you are in the airport or you are in your home country. It is very possible to get a decent changing rate when you are in Southeast Asian countries.

  • Prepare Your Own Medicine

Even though you are in good condition when you start your trip, it is very important to prepare your own medicine. Bring some medicines that you usually take for your health. Besides that, it is good to prepare some first aid medicine in your backpack too.

  • Prepare Your Visa Requirements

It is an important preparation since you will need it when you are in the migration office. Make sure that you have completed the requirements so that you will not have any problems when you are going to fly. It is also necessary to do this preparation along with choosing any airlines fleet for flight.

  • Try Local Public Transportation

Visiting a new place means that you will get a new experience. So, once you come to Southeast Asia, make sure you even try to experience public transportation there. Besides that, using public transportation will also give you a lesser budget for moving from one place to the other one.

Those tips are examples of many things to prepare when you are going on a trip, especially with your Southeast Asian trip. By preparing those things at first, your trip will be well arranged and you also will more enjoy your holiday. Do not forget to choose the right airlines fleet too for a comfortable flight to Southeast Asia.

7 Tips: The Perfect Rome Trip for Beginners

When you want to explore Europe, Rome might be on the top of your list. Indeed, Rome gives a beautiful sight for everyone who visits them. This beautiful city is also rich in history. More importantly, this city is full with delicious foods you can try. Of course, you will never fall in love with a city so much like you fall in love with Rome. Choosing Rome as your holiday destination, especially for a honeymoon trip, is a good thing to consider. You can get some travel packages for spending your precious time in the heart of Rome, Italy.

7 Smart Tips for Spending Your Quality Time in Rome

Visiting Rome is what you need for improving your trip. You can consider choosing some beautiful landmarks in this city. Besides, you will also find the most beautiful places to take photos and memories. When it comes to you to consider how you spend the days in Rome, here are some planning tips before you decide to go there:

  1. Make sure you don’t follow the crowd. It is an important thing for everyone who only has 2-3 days in Rome, you need to make sure you will have a good experience there. First, consider choosing the ‘skip the line’ tickets before you decide to get there. You don’t want to spend hours just visiting Colosseum or any other landmarks in Rome.
  2. Being a typical tourist means you need to outsmart the crowd. In this case, you will have plenty of experiences during your trip to Rome. So, make sure you know the golden hours for visiting the city. In this case, you can consider visiting some places like the Vatican in the late afternoon. Visiting Pantheon half an hour before it is closed is also good timing for you who want to get a better insight of this majestic building.
  3. If you want to experience the goodness during your trip to Rome, you can stay around the city center. Piazza Navona is one of the best options for spending your time in Rome. It gives you an amazing look of historical buildings and other things. You can choose foods, accommodations and other affordable public facilities for your experience there.
  4. Experiencing the authentic taste of Italian cuisine is a good thing to do, as you will have a good experience when you visit other small restaurants. Avoid the big, crowded tourist restaurants you can find along in Rome. They have more foods around Rome besides the big resto. Choosing one of them will give you an authentic taste for your need.
  5. Visiting Rome might be an unforgettable memory. But, besides visiting the famous landmarks, you can choose some hidden gems in Rome if you like. Strolling across Rome with a beautiful view will give you more experiences in this city. Rome itself is an art, so you can find many unique things during your visit to Rome. Don’t hesitate to choose the most suitable spot for taking photos there.
  6. Explore more in Rome by riding the bike to save time. In this case, you can ride a good bike from the bike rental. Make sure you give them assurance by leaving the copy of your passport. The bike is also cheap to rent. It is a smart way to stroll around Rome in comfort. You can also meet locals and get more information about the city.
  7. Remember that summer is the peak season for any tourist visit. Indeed, if you want to experience a good trip to Rome, then you need to arrange your trip schedule at other seasons. You can choose plenty of tourism destination with a more affordable price. Of course, you will never regret having your time spent in Rome.

Budgeting Tips for Tourists to Rome

If you decide to visit Rome as your holiday destination, you can consider choosing some budgeting plan for your trip. Here are some things you can choose:

  1. Choosing the right season for getting into Rome is important, as you will get a more affordable price for hotels and food if you don’t visit Rome in its peak season. Consider saving money by booking the hotels and other accommodations not in the peak season.
  2. Don’t hesitate to skip some tourist attractions to save money and time. If you don’t have money to buy the ‘skip the line’ tickets, then you might not have to visit them at all. You can skip some typical tourist attraction to get a better experience in exploring Rome.

So, those are the best options for you to save money and arrange your budget during your Rome trip. You can choose some destinations when you get there to improve your experiences. By choosing them, then you’ll get the most unforgettable holiday trip to Europe.

Healthy Living: 8 Steps to Take Today

Being aware of having healthy living is important as it lets you have lots of benefits. As time goes by and your age is older, your metabolism is getting lower. It causes you to get the risk of having a serious disease. Therefore, it is good for you to start doing healthy life. In addition, you need to get a routine physical therapy. If you are asking the benefits of physical therapy, it actually has lots of things to do.

Start Your Healthy Life from Today

In order to get a healthy living, there are several steps that you should know. These steps are related to each other so that make sure that you have to pass the step by step. It does let you get a perfectly healthy life. If you are getting used to by this kind of condition, your life will get so much easier to do.

Steps of Getting A Healthy Life

The following tips will let you know how to maintain your healthy life by taking all the steps completely.

  • Find out your weight

Your weight is the one that can indicate the condition of your body whether you already have balance weight or even overweight. If you find you are is an overweight scale based on BMI, then, you need to get exercise and physical therapy. You know that benefits of physical therapy and exercise mean a lot o your body. It keeps your body fit so that you can protect yourself from any viruses.

  • Arrange the Meal Plan

Your meal determines your weight. If you like to get a healthy life then you need to get a lot of protein instead of carbo and fat. This is actually the heaviest step since there are still lots of delicious food to try. Change your habit and arrange a meal plan to get a healthier life.

  • Get Physical Exercise

In order to have a good and healthy life, you should take physical exercise. This would be a good advantage. Physical therapy is good for your cardiovascular and maintains your blood sugar. You may be already familiar with the benefits of physical therapy. It gets you healthier and healthier. Pick the one that you like and do it regularly.

  • Get A Good Sleep

Sleeping time will maintain your body and health. If you have enough cell, your brain cell will be maintained well which is related to your motoric sensor. Then, you need to have a good sleeping time which is encouraged by WHO for at least 6 hours.

  • Handle Stress

If you like to get a healthy life, then you can’t be stressed out easily. You need to handle this by thinking positive as always. This prevents you to have moody time which makes you do which distract your healthy life like eating more and more.

Thus, those are the things that you should take to get a healthy life. Having a meal plan and good exercise will let you be healthy. In addition, you can also get the benefits of physical therapy which makes your body keep fit.

Cool Things You Should Know about Mt Batur Volcano

Bali does not only offer you its beauty of the beaches, but also the mountain. Mount Batur is located in Bali and can be one of the destinations in your Bali holiday trip. It is highly recommended for you to join in Mount Batur sunrise trekking. This is the reason why the people like to visit this mountain in the morning since they can see the golden sunrise in the morning from the distance. Hence, for you who never experience it before, this is a must to do.

Mount Batur for Your Holiday Trip

Mount Batur is an active volcano which is located in Bangli Regency, Bali. This mountain has 2 concentric calderas which form a lake in the southeast side. If you are along with the beach beauty, it is recommended to visit the mountain before you go back to your home. It gives you a different experience, especially those who like to visit and trek the volcano. You can even create an unforgettable moment for your holiday.

Things that You Will Have for Sunrise Trekking

If you like to spend your holiday in Mount Batur, it is good for you to join in a trekking tour. Why this is highly recommended? It is simple, because you will be spoiled by the natural beauty of the mountain. Here are things that you should know to join in Mount Batur sunrise trekking.

  • Join in a trip tour

In order to visit Mount Batur, you are suggested to join in a tour. It is even so simple to do as you can search on the internet and book it earlier. Joining in an open trip will give you lots of benefits. You can just pay for a package which gives you several advantages, such as, guided by an experienced leader, good time management so that you can see the sunrise on time, any more facilities.

  • Sunrise

If you are wondering why you have to see the sunrise in Mount Batur, the answer is because you need to have the magical nature. Here you can see how the sun rises perfectly in the morning in which most of the people called it a golden sunrise. This would be a fully beautiful moment for you that you can see it from the distance.

  • Start in the morning

In joining Mount Batur sunrise trekking, of course, you need to be ready in the really early morning. That is the reason why joining in an open trip is needed. You need to wake up early and go to the meeting point as the agreement. You will have a briefing before you go. This must be fun to trek together with the people.

  • See the scenery

Trekking is actually something fun to do, you will not only be healthy but also be happy. Moreover, Mount Batur offers the scenery that you can see from the high. There is Ubud and Lake Batur near the mountain. In addition, you will be spoiled by nature along with your trip.

  • Tourist’s favorite destination

You know that this mountain is the people’s favorite. Those who are getting used to enjoying the beach may have a new experience to trek the volcano. Moreover, most of the tourists find this short trip was totally fun if you read on the reviews.

Therefore, those of you are highly recommended to visit Mount Batur. It would be such a good experience to do in joining Mount Batur sunrise trekking. See the beautifully golden sunrise in the morning and enjoy the fresh air. Now, you can book it earlier when you plan the itinerary in Bali. Trekking on a tour will be so much fun to do.

Top 5 Recommendation Countries to Travel in Asia

As the biggest continental, Asia is well-known with many countries that have many great tourism destinations. In almost every country in Asia, it has distinctive sites and trademark to visit. If you want to explore Asia but still confuse about the place to go, you should know some countries to go for the first time and you can try travelling solo.

Top 5 Countries For Travelling In Asia

Asia is very rich with many destinations for traveling. What you are looking for? You even can choose the country based on its trademark. In Asia, you can find countries with a modern look and high technology. Yet, you also can find many cities with pure culture inside. So,you can choose it based on what kind of traveling you want to have. For the recommendation, here are the top five countries to visit in Asia!

  • Indonesia


Indonesia is one of the biggest archipelagoes in the world. This country has about more than 18.000 islands and you can explore it without being a worry to feel bored. The most popular destination in Indonesia is Bali. This island is popular with its beautiful beaches and also its culture. Even though many visitors come to this island, people there still keep their culture very well.

Besides Bali, you still can try other cultural and natural site in Indonesia. You can go to Raja Ampat which is still pure. Some cities will also impress you with different trademarks, such as Bandung, Yogyakarta, Semarang and many more. Visiting this country means you will get never-ending destinations to go.

  • Hong Kong

Different from the other countries in Asia, Hong Kong will welcome you with its skyline and modern side. Come to this country if you want to feel the very exciting environment from any country in Asia. This is also recommended for you who are in the first time to come to Asia. If you want to visit this country, the itinerary is quite understandable and easy to be found.

  • Thailand

Thailand becomes another destination in Southeast Asia to visit. As it is a place where have many appealing destinations. The cheap price and many great places that offered make this country become a good destination when you come to Asia. You can find natural sites, culinary and even cultural sites in your visitation to Thailand.

  • India

This is the land where Bollywood is growing up. This place is very unique. You can find the interesting architecture. You can visit Taj Mahal, which is very popular with its great and appealing look and design. You also will figure out that India’s culture itself is quite interesting to be understood. So, you will never regret to come to this place once you come to India!

  • Singapore

This is another place where you can find how interesting Asia is. Even though this country is not having large space, but Singapore is really one of a kind. It is classified as the easiest place to go to Asia. Of course, it is because this place has an easy access point. You can enjoy the look of the modern city in this country.

You can decide to go to some destinations in Singapore. Do not need to worry, since you can find an easy guide to visit and explore this exotic country. Even though coming to this place is easy, you will get a very great experience once you come here. You can enjoy how Singapore impresses people with their modernity in almost every aspect.

The top 5 countries to visit in Asia will give you a great memory of traveling. Not only are those countries, the other countries that are not on the list also gorgeous to visit. So, to have your great experience, you can try those 5 countries on your next traveling plan!

Experience Living in Papua

West Papua Indonesia is a part of Papua where it is famous for its many natural attractions. All you can see here is about the beautiful nature, such as the rainforests and oceans. Those are things that you can have it rarely in your life. On the other hand, the locals here still keep their tradition and ethnical life so that it becomes one of another unique thing that you can have if you live here. Actually, there are so many aspects that fill the life in West Papua. It would be a good experience if you live here to enjoy all the things that you never have before.

West Papua Geography

Geographically, West Papua has two peninsulas, such as Bomberai Peninsula and Bird’s Head Peninsula. As you can see on the map, this part is surrounded by the isles and oceans. It is also nearby Papua New Guinea. This can be proved that you can have in order to get a life in West Papua. The main thing that you will enjoy as much is about the beauty of the sea.

Things in West Papua

Then, what else do you know about life in West Papua? The following information can be the answer.

  • Economy

In a civilization, the economy comes as an important aspect. It will affect the life of its civilization whether the condition is good or not. In West Papua Indonesia, the economy is running from mining, tourism, and agriculture. West Papua as the wealth of mines so that the locals are mainly working in the mining industry. In addition, tourism is an aspect in which the government tries to build and enhance more and more. Then, agriculture is an occupation that the locals have seen from its geographical area.

  • Culture

West Papuan is so ethnical since they still keep the tradition from their ancestors. This is good as you can also find out how they keep and maintain the culture really well. This is also called as the uniqueness of West Papua. On the other hand, some are going to modern life that you can similarly find in cities. In addition, there are also people who are in a group of comers, such as Javanese, Bataknese and Chinese people.

  • Tourism

Most of you may be familiar with the tourist attraction in West Papua, such as Raja Ampat, Fak Fak, Jaya Wijaya Mountain and so on. Living in West Papua Indonesia means that you can enjoy it as much as you can. Hence, if you live in West Papua, you will be frequently spoiled by its natural beauty that you never find on the other places.

Thus, it is good for you to find out about life in West Papua Indonesia. This place has thousands of things that you can’t find in other places. In addition, you can also learn about the ethnical life that leads to happiness in a simple life. Moreover, the pampered scenery you can enjoy every day makes you feel thankful to live in this area.

Experience the Ultimate Tastiness in Taiwan

Spending holidays in Taiwan is one of the fun things to do. When it comes to culinary, Taiwan offers plenty of food options. In this case, you can consider some foods with delicious taste at a very affordable price. Choosing the foods for your holiday is also a great option, as you can consider how you deal with the local delicacies. You must know that Taiwanese street foods are the best. You can find plenty of Taiwanese foods with a unique taste. So, you will never regret having them for your tour in Taiwan.

Options for a Fun Culinary Experience in Taiwan

When it comes to you to opt for good food in Taiwan, you can choose some delicious street foods for your need. In this case, you will find unique culinary you’ve never seen before. When you choose them, you will find them as a good, unforgettable culinary experience.

  1. Stinky tofu is one of the most important things you can eat during your visit to Taiwan. It is available at the night market with its characterized, unique smell. It does stink and you might be reluctant to eat them at first, but you will find its delicious taste when you choose them. Of course, you need to handle its smell before consuming them.
  2. If you want good food with a quite satisfying taste and portion, then considering small bun in a big bun is the right thing to do. It is good street food, where a small bun is wrapped inside a bigger bun. It tastes a bit salty and sweet, giving a perfect sensation at your tongue.
  3. Another combo culinary you can meet in Taiwan is a small sausage in a big sausage. This delicious street food will blow your mind as it gives you a good taste and a high quality taste. The small sausage in a big sausage is one option with its delicious pork sausage wrapped inside a sticky rice sausage. No wonder, it will be a delicious treat for your tour during in Taiwan.

The Unique Drinks to Buy in Taiwan

Not only is the street foods delicious, but also the street vendors provide various drinks to freshen up your walk around Taiwan. In this case, you can consider some delicious drinks in Taiwan for getting a good day during your trip.

  1. Aiyu jelly drink will be a good option for everyone who loves the refreshing drink to accompany your trip in Taiwan. It is a combination of fig seeds and fresh, sweet lemon water. It will give you a very sensational taste when you drink them while you walk the streets in Taiwan.
  2. If you love ice cream, then you’ll love the ice cream sandwich with delicious crush peanuts inside. You can find this unique ice cream along Taiwan’s streets, getting more sensations as you can find plenty of delicious ice creams in various tastes.

So, those are some information you need to know about Taiwanese street foods. With lots of innovation and unique taste, you will love how they wrap their street foods in such a way. So, let’s go getting the foods!