Several Recommendations of How to Get to Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is a part of islands in Bali which has beautiful surroundings. Those who visit Bali will make it as their holiday destination. This island is located on the southeast of Bali which is separated by Badung Bay. In order to visit this island, it is highly recommended to join in Nusa Penida day tour as you will fully go surrounding this island.

The Advantage of Having Tour Trip

Having a tour in Nusa Penida island will get you lots of advantages. First of all, you do not need to expend any extra fee since all come in a package. Commonly, all the travel expenses will be all included so that you can just enjoy the island. In addition, you do not need to arrange an itinerary to visit this island, since your tour agent will get you to the recommended places. Also, you will have good and fun activated provided in a tour.

The Points of Depart To Get To Nusa Penida

In order to get to Nusa Penida, you can use the boat as transportation. Here are several options that you can select the location where you can depart from:

  • To and From Nusa Ceningan or Nusa Lembongan

Here you can use the public boat which departs regularly from the Toya Pakeh harbor. Another option is the base of Nusa Ceningan bridge located next to Nusa Lembongan. For your information, the boat will depart until it gets 10 passengers. On the other hand, if you are in rush to get to the island, you can charter a boat that costs 250,000 rupiahs.

  • To and from Kusamba

Kusamba is known as a small village which is located in the south of Padang Bai. If you like to get to Nusa Penida, you can depart from this village. However, it is actually not that convenient during the trip, but this is the shortest one that you can go to. There are two kinds of transportation that you can have; by speedboat or wooden boat.

  • To and from Sanur

In order to start the Nusa Penida day tour, you can depart from Sanur. Here you can take a ferry to Toya Pakeh, Sampalan and Buyuk. Then, you can continue your journey to the Nusa Penida using the boat which is really close from your point of entry.

Those are several options of where you can depart to get to Nusa Penida. In order to have Nusa Penida day tour, it is highly recommended for you to book it in advance. Make sure that you spare enough time to enjoy the island. Joining in a tour really makes you have such a convenient holiday during the time.

Hence, it is not that difficult to enjoy your holiday in Nusa Penida. When you join in a Nusa Penida day tour, it will let you have whole stunning scenery. In addition, you will also have fun activities without having the extra cost. Moreover, you can also select the convenient transportation as you do from several places in Bali. Well, it is easy to spend your holiday in the beautiful Nusa Penida island.

Top 3 Best Android Games and Cool Tips to Complete the Mission

Mobile games will never die as it will getting developed time by time. Moreover, the Android user will be spoiled by so many choices of games. Commonly, when you play the game, you need to complete the mission to go to the next level. In this case, the use of Game Generator will help you a lot.

What are The Most Favorite Games in 2019?

This year, there are several games which are loved by most of the Android users. You know that games are addictive and you will never stop and always getting more curious to up your level. Therefore, it would be so much easier for you to use the third party to get you to the next level without any barrier.

Top Three Android Games

For your recommendation, here are several best Android games which will be the people’s favorite of this 2019:

  • Fortnite

This game is very popular in the United States and now it is likely getting to the world since then it can be played by the youth and adult.  Initially, this game was only available in iOS, but now the Android users can download it as well.  Fortnite is known as the royale-style battle game which is full of strategy and color. In order to play the game, you need to complete the level by mastering the building structures. However, if you don’t, this game still gets you fun.


  • PUBG Mobile

Another favorite Android game is Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile or known as PUBG. Here what you need to do is survive yourself and kill the others. You and 99 other people who have the same idea will be battled. However, there will be only one victor who is alive in this game. You will be given a map and shoot others and make yourself keep alive in this game.


  • Into Dead 2

Your mission of this game is to kill the zombie in such a fun way. You will struggle this through maps in order to make you and your family get survived. In addition, in the middle of your journey, you need to pick the weapons and do anything that you can do to make all the zombies die. Here, it is recommended for you to get help from the Game Generator to get you easier to pass any level.


Those are the top 3 Android games which are loved by the people. All of the games need the struggle to make you step into the next level. However, it is not a bad idea if you use the Game Generator since it will help you much to be taken into the next level of the game.

The use of game generator would be one of the great tips for the mobile game freak. They will be easier to complete the mission. In addition, it makes them easily beat others in the game. Hence, you can save your time playing the Android games and step you into the new level of the game which means you will face the new challenge of the game.

5 Best Travel Printers which are Highly Recommended to Buy

Nowadays everyone should not be worried when they need to urgently print out some files as they can use an efficient device called printer travel. As per information on this site, printer travel is a good device for businessman or student. This portable printer has basic characteristics as any other portable devices. It is easy to handle and use, so it is completely efficient to use anywhere you go.

How to Select the Best Travel Printer?

In order to have a travel printer for your needs, you need to consider the features as well. It is suggested for you to have one which is supported by the scanner so that you can have all in one device. This all in one travel printer will find you easier in the use. In order to help you to find the best one that you need, there are 5 best travel printers for your recommendation.

Recommendations for 5 Best Travel Printers

Here are 5 best travel printers recommended by the professionals:

  • Epson Workforce WF-100

This is one of 5 best travel printer which is highly recommended to have. Epson Workforce WF-100 has been popularly used by business professionals. The best thing about this printer is the user will be given the options of connectivity whether it is by mobile devices or wireless network. In addition, what makes this one efficient is you are able to send any kind of document by email and print it anywhere you are. In addition, the user can use several features such as Epson Remote print, Epson Email Print, and Epson iPrint application. For the quality, you can have such a high text quality printing.

  • Canon Pixma iP110 Wireless Mobile Printer

This printer has a good thing physically since it is very compact and light to handle. Canon Pixma iP110 Wireless Mobile Printer comes as an inkjet printer in which the user has several options to connect via laptop or mobile devices. Moreover, you can connect your Apple devices to print using this printer travel through the Airprint. Moreover, you can use this printer anywhere if you buy the battery.

  • HP Officejet 200 Mobile Printer

HP OfficeJet 200 Mobile Printer is a high-quality printer prior to its speed in printing. Most of the professional said that this printer is the ideal one as the user is given several options to connect to the printer. Moreover, this printer gives such a convenient way of printing as the user can get access to printing anywhere and anytime, they like to do. For those who are looking for a travel printer considering its speed, this one is highly recommended.

  • Canon Selphy CPI200 Wireless (Compact Photo Printer)

This travel printer is suitable for your Apple devices such as the iPad, iPhone, and iPod. The printer managed to print up to 54 sheets of photos in really high-quality printing. In addition, you can directly print out the images that you find in your Instagram or Facebook through this travel printer. In addition, you may get impressed with its stunning design of the printer.

  • Brother PocketJet 7 PJ723-BK

Brother PocketJet 7 is another best travel printer that you should have. This is easy to handle since it is light and compact. As described in this site, this printer has long life battery duration which makes the user possible to print this out in a longer time. In addition, this printer is supported by USB cable, AC Power supply and so on.

There are 5 best travel printers which are highly recommended for you. The price of the printers may vary as it depends on the features that it has. The price range of this printer is about $200 – $400. Check it out on

Unveiling the 10 Best Windows Apps for Productivity

Windows has been one of the most used operating systems for PCs. Opting for the best operating system for your PCs and laptops means you need to deal with their apps. Therefore, you can improve your PC condition by downloading the apps. FileHorse is the place where you can download the applications without hesitation. There, you can find plenty of useful apps to try. There is no doubt you can get the best from the apps.

The Importance of Productivity Apps for PCs

Installing the productivity apps will give you easiness in doing your everyday need. Taking notes, keeping up with your schedule and even do your undone jobs will be much easier when you choose the application from the recommended platforms. Productivity apps will help you to organize your life and activities, making it more than just a complement on your PC. You can get plenty of functions and benefits when choosing them.

10 of the Most Useful Productivity Apps for Windows

For everyone who uses Windows as their operating system, there are some useful apps to try. You can download these applications on FileHorse, a complete website of the apps for PCs and laptops. Here is a brief list you can try:

  1. Dropbox appears as one of the leading apps for file storage and transfer. As you choose this app, you can complete a full feature of transferring files without taking too much time. It is the strongest competitor of Google Drive.
  2. Evernote is also a good app for you to try. This notebook app will give you a complete feature for being your digital notebook. You can make a to-do-list, notes and others for making sure your activities can be tracked perfectly.
  3. Google Keep will also be a good option for you. This app will help you to organize the tasks you need to do in a week or a month. You can even add its extension to your PC’s Google Chrome, making easy access for remembering a website you love.
  4. MindMeister is the solution for everyone who is usually stuck between the ideas. Sometimes, you cannot put all of your ideas together. Therefore, this app will help you a lot in sorting things out of your mind. Of course, it would be a helpful app for everyone.
  5. For everyone who is looking for an easy app for editing the photos, you can choose Pixlr. Although it cannot replace Photoshop’s function, you can still get plenty of benefits when choosing Pixlr. With its easy navigation, it is a go-to photo app to use.
  6. For everyone who often uses the chart for presentation, you can use the simple Lucidchart for your Windows. It helps you to present the ideas simpler and more organized. Suitable for presentations and documents, you will love this app so much!
  7. Recently, the use of a screenshot app is widely used by modern people. But, when you need to make a video screenshot, you can choose using Screencastify for easy access.
  8. For tracking the app, it’s better for you to install RescueTime. It helps you to track the apps you use on your PC and revealing whether it helps you to work faster or not.
  9. Toggl is also a good app for everyone who wants to keep track of their tasks and meeting planners. Especially for the ones who are looking for an easy task tracking app, it will help you a lot for it.
  10. Cloze will be a good option if you need a good app for the PC. You can use them as an address book, making them easy to access for everyone.

So, those are the useful apps you can install on your PC. Download the best app from FileHorse for boosting your productivity.

Top Music Apps For Travel Lifestyle


Traveling and music, can you relate both of things? Traveling around certain places might be the most interesting thing you can do for your life. Find new thing and new people must be the biggest pleasure that you have. Moreover, you can complete your journey by the best songs for every step you do. Even you can do a song cover that will remind you with particular memories in your life. So, it is how music works on your traveling days. Nowadays, with the smartphone, only you can find anything, especially for music. As a traveler who loves music to die, you need to have these applications on your smartphone.

iTunes for Your Life

iPhone becomes the most popular smartphone since years back ago until now. Then, Apple as the brand has its own place to serve any kind of costumers needs. For music, you can go with iTunes. It is a perfect application which every iPhone users have must. You can even do the song cover based on the playlist that you like the most. So, here are the benefits of using iTunes:

  • Various Music

Although you need to purchase every song, it is legal. You can purchase any kind of music that you love the most. Based on the records, there are more than 40 million songs on the iTunes catalogs.

  • Videos are Also Available

Besides music, you can also find TV shows and movies. It will be more compatible with you who easily bored on your way. As like as the music, you can purchase the movies or TV shows which are available.

Get More Music with Spotify

If you think that iTunes is not such “friendly” for you, so you can go with Spotify. It is the most iconic music application nowadays. You can even find the song cover by other musicians and add it into your favorite playlist. It comes with two versions, which are free and premium. For the free one, you cannot skip the music for more than 5 times and there are some songs which only allowed for the premium version. However, the premium version is not as expensive as you think.  You will get the benefits from Spotify like:

  • Unlimited Access

Spotify nowadays becomes the most used application. Easy access and unlimited songs are the most benefits you can get. Moreover, Spotify will help you to find your favorite genre and recommend the new one.

  • Various Music Contents

You can also find a lot of music contents which can be choose based on your taste or mood. There is a feature which helps you with easy access.

iHeartRadio: Radio can be Compatible

Do you such a man who likes to listen to whatever kind of music? Radio must be the best one. Nowadays, you cannot only use the radio for car stereo. You can download iHeartRadio which is the broadcast radio application. There are various radio stations which can be chosen even for the local station. Commercial songs or song cover can be easily listened to here.