5 Cool Tips to Setting iPhone for International Traveling

Traveling abroad often let you have some preparations, it is including to set your mobile phone. Nowadays, the use of a mobile phone during your traveling is important as it may help you to find a way or find out some interesting places. For those who just got iPhones giveaway and win an iPhone for the first time, you have to know how to set the phone when you are abroad.

Get Your Phone Safe

Your mobile phone will be the companion wherever you go. However, you may have a limitation with the signal if you bring your phone abroad. Therefore, it would be nice for you to find out the setting of the phone so that it won’t make you difficult when you have to communicate with others abroad. Then, for the iPhone users, you should know how to set your phone.

Follow the Tips

The following things will help you to set your iPhone when you are traveling abroad:

  • Use Wi-Fi

If you already set your mobile phone provider, it is still better to use Wi-Fi wherever you go. This would be nice since you can easily access the internet from your mobile phone. Moreover, if you do not know the quality of your mobile phone provider when you bring it to abroad. Now, you do not have to worry since you can have Wi-Fi pocket that you can rent at the airport.

  • Turn Off “Fetch New Data”

If you are traveling abroad, then it is suggested to turn off some applications which frequently check for updates, like emails and so on. This one would load data and if the data is quite expensive to the country that you visit, you can turn it off by going to iPhone setting and select Mail, Contact Calendars.

  • Off the Roaming

If you just won iphones giveaway and it is the first time you use iPhone, you should turn the roaming off. It will avoid you to consume your phone bill. It is known that international call will charge you much, so it would be better to keep this off.

  • Buy Local Sim

If you like to have an easier way during your time abroad, it is better for you to buy the local sim. Now, the mobile phone providers are available for the tourist who like to use the local mobile phone number since it is easier to use, especially for internet use. You can browse more about this and commonly you can find it in abroad.

  • Get Offline City Guide Access

If you like to have a city guide when you visit a country, it is better to use the apps that can provide offline information. Hence, your data consumption will be still in a normal amount.

Those are several tips about the setting of the iPhone that you should know. If you want to have an iPhone, you can join iphones giveaway which is offered in many social media. iPhone has cool features which can help your traveling about communication and also the guidance.

How To Make A Living From Blogging?

In this technology era, many people are willing to live from blogging. As we know, while you have a blog with many viewers will earn money from it. The earned money is quite high and it leads many people to want to be a blogger and earn money from it.

If you are interested to be a blogger, you should know about how to become a blogger and live from it. You need to learn further about it before examining the blog area. Thus, this is how you can do to live from blogging. Here we are!

Be Patient

While you are the first time to create a blog and wish to gain immediate income from it, you are absolutely blind. There is no shortcut to making your blog to be famous. You need to be patient and hard work to achieve it.

Don’t you know about how many years the blogger to earn the money from it? It takes a very long time for them to earn money and live from it. For you who are willing to have this kind of situation, just need to be patient and keep update your blog periodically.

What Is Your Niche?

While you decided to write something in your blog, you need to have a clear field that you want to share. An example, if you are interested in a certain field, let’s say traveling, you can write your experience to visit that and this. Outside of telling your traveling story, you also can give the readers about tips and tricks, what dos and don’ts in a certain country, a review of local foods, a place to visit, and more.

Make sure you are stated clearly about the field you are talking about. Don’t ever second to write across your field. It is to help your readers understand well the function of your blog.

Another thing is you need to write them out with your writing style. Every person has a different style of writing, hasn’t it? So you do. It is so much better if you create a jargon or something like that which you create on your own. Don’t forget to write it in every post on your blog.

Create Multiple Revenues Streams

There are many ways you can gain to get revenues from your blog. First, you can sell your product. You can create a certain product and sell to them. Well, remember first about the niche of your blog. If you use a blog for sharing any experiences, you shouldn’t post your products in your blog often times.

Second, you can use the advertising even you get a small number from it. Third, you can endorse certain products and sell them. You can get a certain percentage of income from the products that you sold. Isn’t sound good?

With these tips to earn money from your blog, you can try them as well. As long as you have blogged, you can get enough money and live from it. Hope those tips will help you a lot. Happy blogging for the newbie!

7 Easy Tips to Make A Successful PowerPoint Presentation

A presentation is something that you have to prepare well. There are several preparations that you should do, such as, get the powerpoint templates free download, arranging the material into powerpoint shortly and deliver the material to audiences. It can be said that it takes time to prepare all the things so that your presentation going successfully.

Be Ready for A Presentation

It is true that people always get nervous every time they have a presentation, even for professionals. However, it does not mean that you cannot have such an awesome presentation. Always remember that everyone can have such an awesome and impressive presentation as long as you can prepare all the things well.

Prepare Yourself Well

Hence, do not feel worries since you can get the following tips in order to have an awesome presentation as you wish.

  • Making an interesting power point

In order to have such a successful presentation, the first step that you do is making your power point looks so good. It is easy since you can get powerpoint templates free download from the internet which makes the slides of your powerpoint looks so great. However, please remember that you have to make it interesting but not too much.


  • Put good content

In order to have a good quality powerpoint, you need to create good content for it. For example, you can insert images, clips or even audio which is related to the material that you deliver to the audience. You know this way will attract the audience attention.


  • Get less text

It is so boring to read a power point which has lots of information with small fonts as well. Therefore, you are suggested to get the point only and deliver the things by your speech and make your powerpoint readable.


  • Do not put information too much

It is better to arrange one kind of information in one slide only since you only have limited time to explain. Hence, you need to manage the time and make sure that all the material is delivered well.


  • Be consistent

You’ve known that a power point should be readable so that the audiences may understand what you actually deliver about. Therefore, it is suggested for you to be consistent with your powerpoint slides and the size of the font. This way will not make them leave you during the presentation.


  • Pay attention to punctuation

Punctuation is important so that make sure that you do not put too much punctuation since the empty space is good for audience readability.


  • Learn how to speech

When the material is all done then you can learn how to deliver it. In addition, you also need to learn how to play the slides to move forward or backward.

Thus, if you like to have a successful presentation, it is good to follow those tips. They are easy to follow starting from getting powerpoint templates free download, making the material and learn how to deliver the material before you go on the real presentation.

Travel to South Korean – The World of Plastic Surgery

South Korea has been one of the most favorite destinations in Asia. Those who visit this country come with so many kinds of purposes. One of them is getting plastic surgery. Well, South Korea is well known for its surgery that uses plastic with good quality. It is also supported by Korean people that mostly do this for aesthetic purposes.

South Korea and Plastic Surgery

The growth of this kind of surgery in South Korea is extremely good. It is because South Korean beauty standard is quite high that makes people like to have this to make them more confident. Besides, if you visit this country, you will find the advertisement for surgery of plastic clinic in many places. You must be familiar with this.

In South Korea, Gangnam is a district which is known with many high-quality surgeries of plastic clinics. It is also supported by before and after this kind of surgery which is totally different and perfect.

The Benefit of Plastic Surgery

If you think that you would like to have plastic surgery, it is a good idea though. Moreover, you will have these 5 benefits if you do this kind of surgery:

  • Boost your confidence

The first thing that you will find is about the confidence which comes from inside. Yeah, that is true. Commonly, the reason that people like to do this surgery as they did not get satisfied with a part of the body and like to enhance as they like. Then, when the result of this surgery comes as their expectations, it will automatically boost their evidence. There is no more feeling unconfident.

  • Good for mental health

Another thing that you will have after having plastic surgery is your mental health will get healthier. Your confidence boosts up when there is no social anxiety that you feel before. It will affect your mental health as you will be more positive in thinking and you may see the acceptance from people around you.

  • Looking more attractive

Plastic surgery means that face lifting which means like an improvement for your look. Here you will look more attractive which makes you get many opportunities. It could be a chance for you to get a partner which is your type. In addition, you may also have a chance to have a job that you have been dreaming for.

  • Motivates you to keep your body beautiful

If you have this kind of surgery then you need to give treatment for it so that your body yet your face keeps looking good. Therefore, it gets you benefit to keep you aware that being beautiful should be extended by treating our body well.

Thus, those all the benefits of plastic surgery that you should know. If you have a plan to get this kind of surgery, South Korea is one of the countries which has a good recommendation with its surgery of plastic. The cost that you expense will be the same as the result that you will have.

Therefore, you can visit South Korea to know more about how the procedure of this kind of surgery is and how long the recovery and also the cost of plastic surgery itself.