About Vincent

I am Vincent Lardo, a blogger who wants to share information for you while doing my hobby in writing. In my blog, I would like to share with you much information about living, travel, and blog. I will also have my own corner which will tell about my daily experience in Vincent’s Thing category. You can enjoy my writings based on the articles that will be shared here on my blog with certain topics that I decide before making this blog.

As traveling in very enjoyable activities for myself, I decided to make it as one of the main topics of my blog. I will share my experience in traveling and hopefully can give you more tips about traveling. I also will rewrite some tips I read before in other sources, to make my articles become more useful in its content. Hopefully, the tips can be helpful for you and you can experience your great traveling too.

Besides traveling, living experience is also something that cannot be forgotten. Even though we live our lives in a different way, sharing experience can be helpful for us. So, I decided to share some information about daily living tips based on my experience every day. If you mind to read and give your opinion about my tips about living, feel free to share my articles from this blog, vincentlardo.com.

Even though I already have my blog, I am still a human being with many potential flaws. So, if you find any discomfort in my articles, please give more advice and good critics for my better articles in the future. I will take your advice and consider it for better contents of my blog. Hopefully, you can give me that good advice. Enjoy my blog and do not forget to leave your opinions in the comments box!