Vincent Lardo
Mystery Writer
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The Jockstrap Murder
Mike teams up with his lover, tennis pro, Jack Montgomery and prick tease NYPD Lieutenant James Rocco to Solve The Jockstrap Murder.
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China House
High on a hill near the New England town of Salem, an elegant mansion stands deserted. Something happened there twenty years ago, something so horrible that those who remember keep it a secret. A suspense-filled story guaranteed to keep Gothic novel-lovers riveted to the page.
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The Prince and the Pretender
In 1917, young Alexis Romanov, heir to the Russian throne, was murdered along with the rest of his family. Seven decades later, at a New York YMCA, Tom Bradshaw meets a young man with royal bearing and an unusual past. As Tom learns more about his new friend, an elaborate plan begins to unfold in his mind -- a plan so preposterous that it just might work.
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The Mask of Narcissus
Mike Manning: America's most widely syndicated columnist. Ken Farley: Proud member of New York's Finest. Both were in the public eye and in sensitive positions. Their relationship was ideal, but when threatened with public exposure one of them was doomed.
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All About Steve
There's no business like show business, where your lover is whoever you happen to be in bed with when the question arises. A factual fancy, "Steve" is a satire with no social redeeming message.
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