Vincent Lardo
Mystery Writer
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McNally's Bluff
Self-styled impresario, Matthew Hayes, rents a luxury villa on Palm Beach's famed Ocean Boulevard and the locals roll their eyes when he scuttles the traditional backyard accouterments of swimming pool and tennis court in favor of a grand garden hedge maze. Opening night, those who called the idea gauch, gasp with wonder and delight until the fun turns to horror when Hayes's ladylove is discovered in the center of the maze, very dead. In a mystery that has more false leads then a hedge maze, it's up to Archy to figure out the key to the grid.
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McNally's Dare
The dowager duchess of Palm Beach dies, leaving behind a fabulous fortune and a handsome young heir -- but is the young heir who he claims to be? To prove he is -- or is not -- Archy dares to trap a double murderer by offering him a third victim in a "sudden death" playoff.
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McNally's Alibi
A millionaire collector employs Archy McNally to find the Holy Grail of missing tomes, Truman Capote's ANSWERED PRAYERS. The hunt opens a Pandora's Box and out pop a troika of lovely ladies to tempt the Palm Beach Discreet Inquirer away from his appointed rounds. But romance will have to take a back-seat as Archy tries to sort out who's who among the felonious band of "collectors" also after the Capote expose of the rich and famous.
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McNally's Chance
Sabrina Wright, best-selling author of romance novels, hires Archy McNally to find her missing husband. Archy finds all of Sabrina's past lovers along the way -- none of whom want to own up to their romantic liaison with the lovely Sabrina. Gossip regarding the author abounds, but when it turns deadly Archy must unravel a thirty-year-old mystery while walking a tightrope between client confidentiality and justice.
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McNally's Folly
When the Palm Beach Community Theater needs a director for its production of ARSENIC AND OLD LACE, Archy McNally answers the call. When an actor sips some prop wine and drops dead, the Palm Beach police suddenly develop a special interest in the local theater scene. In a play filled with murderers, only Archy can separate the actors from the genuine article.
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McNally's Dilemma
Playboy Geoffrey Williams is dead, but it's not a search for the killer that brings Archy McNally to the case because the dead man's wife readily admits to the crime passionnel. A delectable combination of high society and high jinks, featuring some of the most eccentric characters to populate Florida's famed Palm Beach.
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