Top 3 Best Android Games and Cool Tips to Complete the Mission

Mobile games will never die as it will getting developed time by time. Moreover, the Android user will be spoiled by so many choices of games. Commonly, when you play the game, you need to complete the mission to go to the next level. In this case, the use of Game Generator will help you a lot.

What are The Most Favorite Games in 2019?

This year, there are several games which are loved by most of the Android users. You know that games are addictive and you will never stop and always getting more curious to up your level. Therefore, it would be so much easier for you to use the third party to get you to the next level without any barrier.

Top Three Android Games

For your recommendation, here are several best Android games which will be the people’s favorite of this 2019:

  • Fortnite

This game is very popular in the United States and now it is likely getting to the world since then it can be played by the youth and adult.  Initially, this game was only available in iOS, but now the Android users can download it as well.  Fortnite is known as the royale-style battle game which is full of strategy and color. In order to play the game, you need to complete the level by mastering the building structures. However, if you don’t, this game still gets you fun.


  • PUBG Mobile

Another favorite Android game is Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile or known as PUBG. Here what you need to do is survive yourself and kill the others. You and 99 other people who have the same idea will be battled. However, there will be only one victor who is alive in this game. You will be given a map and shoot others and make yourself keep alive in this game.


  • Into Dead 2

Your mission of this game is to kill the zombie in such a fun way. You will struggle this through maps in order to make you and your family get survived. In addition, in the middle of your journey, you need to pick the weapons and do anything that you can do to make all the zombies die. Here, it is recommended for you to get help from the Game Generator to get you easier to pass any level.


Those are the top 3 Android games which are loved by the people. All of the games need the struggle to make you step into the next level. However, it is not a bad idea if you use the Game Generator since it will help you much to be taken into the next level of the game.

The use of game generator would be one of the great tips for the mobile game freak. They will be easier to complete the mission. In addition, it makes them easily beat others in the game. Hence, you can save your time playing the Android games and step you into the new level of the game which means you will face the new challenge of the game.

Top Music Apps For Travel Lifestyle


Traveling and music, can you relate both of things? Traveling around certain places might be the most interesting thing you can do for your life. Find new thing and new people must be the biggest pleasure that you have. Moreover, you can complete your journey by the best songs for every step you do. Even you can do a song cover that will remind you with particular memories in your life. So, it is how music works on your traveling days. Nowadays, with the smartphone, only you can find anything, especially for music. As a traveler who loves music to die, you need to have these applications on your smartphone.

iTunes for Your Life

iPhone becomes the most popular smartphone since years back ago until now. Then, Apple as the brand has its own place to serve any kind of costumers needs. For music, you can go with iTunes. It is a perfect application which every iPhone users have must. You can even do the song cover based on the playlist that you like the most. So, here are the benefits of using iTunes:

  • Various Music

Although you need to purchase every song, it is legal. You can purchase any kind of music that you love the most. Based on the records, there are more than 40 million songs on the iTunes catalogs.

  • Videos are Also Available

Besides music, you can also find TV shows and movies. It will be more compatible with you who easily bored on your way. As like as the music, you can purchase the movies or TV shows which are available.

Get More Music with Spotify

If you think that iTunes is not such “friendly” for you, so you can go with Spotify. It is the most iconic music application nowadays. You can even find the song cover by other musicians and add it into your favorite playlist. It comes with two versions, which are free and premium. For the free one, you cannot skip the music for more than 5 times and there are some songs which only allowed for the premium version. However, the premium version is not as expensive as you think.  You will get the benefits from Spotify like:

  • Unlimited Access

Spotify nowadays becomes the most used application. Easy access and unlimited songs are the most benefits you can get. Moreover, Spotify will help you to find your favorite genre and recommend the new one.

  • Various Music Contents

You can also find a lot of music contents which can be choose based on your taste or mood. There is a feature which helps you with easy access.

iHeartRadio: Radio can be Compatible

Do you such a man who likes to listen to whatever kind of music? Radio must be the best one. Nowadays, you cannot only use the radio for car stereo. You can download iHeartRadio which is the broadcast radio application. There are various radio stations which can be chosen even for the local station. Commercial songs or song cover can be easily listened to here.

Top 5 Recommendation Countries to Travel in Asia

As the biggest continental, Asia is well-known with many countries that have many great tourism destinations. In almost every country in Asia, it has distinctive sites and trademark to visit. If you want to explore Asia but still confuse about the place to go, you should know some countries to go for the first time and you can try travelling solo.

Top 5 Countries For Travelling In Asia

Asia is very rich with many destinations for traveling. What you are looking for? You even can choose the country based on its trademark. In Asia, you can find countries with a modern look and high technology. Yet, you also can find many cities with pure culture inside. So,you can choose it based on what kind of traveling you want to have. For the recommendation, here are the top five countries to visit in Asia!

  • Indonesia


Indonesia is one of the biggest archipelagoes in the world. This country has about more than 18.000 islands and you can explore it without being a worry to feel bored. The most popular destination in Indonesia is Bali. This island is popular with its beautiful beaches and also its culture. Even though many visitors come to this island, people there still keep their culture very well.

Besides Bali, you still can try other cultural and natural site in Indonesia. You can go to Raja Ampat which is still pure. Some cities will also impress you with different trademarks, such as Bandung, Yogyakarta, Semarang and many more. Visiting this country means you will get never-ending destinations to go.

  • Hong Kong

Different from the other countries in Asia, Hong Kong will welcome you with its skyline and modern side. Come to this country if you want to feel the very exciting environment from any country in Asia. This is also recommended for you who are in the first time to come to Asia. If you want to visit this country, the itinerary is quite understandable and easy to be found.

  • Thailand

Thailand becomes another destination in Southeast Asia to visit. As it is a place where have many appealing destinations. The cheap price and many great places that offered make this country become a good destination when you come to Asia. You can find natural sites, culinary and even cultural sites in your visitation to Thailand.

  • India

This is the land where Bollywood is growing up. This place is very unique. You can find the interesting architecture. You can visit Taj Mahal, which is very popular with its great and appealing look and design. You also will figure out that India’s culture itself is quite interesting to be understood. So, you will never regret to come to this place once you come to India!

  • Singapore

This is another place where you can find how interesting Asia is. Even though this country is not having large space, but Singapore is really one of a kind. It is classified as the easiest place to go to Asia. Of course, it is because this place has an easy access point. You can enjoy the look of the modern city in this country.

You can decide to go to some destinations in Singapore. Do not need to worry, since you can find an easy guide to visit and explore this exotic country. Even though coming to this place is easy, you will get a very great experience once you come here. You can enjoy how Singapore impresses people with their modernity in almost every aspect.

The top 5 countries to visit in Asia will give you a great memory of traveling. Not only are those countries, the other countries that are not on the list also gorgeous to visit. So, to have your great experience, you can try those 5 countries on your next traveling plan!

13 Things to Explore Sydney in Cheap Budget

Sydney can be one of the nextdestinations that you want to try in your traveling. As many people are alsointerested to visit Australia, some of those who come to Australia, of course,will come to Sydney. About budget, visiting this place do not require too muchbudget to spend.

13 Cheap Yet Great Things To Do In Sydney

This is not impossible to visit Sydney while doing many things with a cheap budget. It is because you can find many places which are cheap or free budget. There are at least 13 things or places you can do in the cheap budget in Sydney.

  • Darling Harbour

Once you visit this harbor, you will find it is exciting to live there. Near the harbor, you can easily find many restaurants and bars with great views as the bonus.

  • Bondi Beach

If you want to spend romantic moments near the beach, Bondi beach can be your choice. Here you can find a sunny and warm afternoon to take a walk.

  • Observatory Hill

If you spend your New Year in Sydney, this is the perfect point of view for the fireworks out there. With its high position, you can really enjoy how great the fireworks bloom in the sky.

  • Botanic Gardens

If you want to see some types of Australian’s local flowers, here is the right site for you. You also can enjoy those flowers by drinking your coffee or tea from the cafe.

  • National Maritime Museum

In this place, you will find the great display of many boats in the harbor. You can find a permanent exhibition and spend more hours here with a pleasant memory.

  • Circular Quay

Close to the Opera House in Sydney, this place becomes one destination that you have to visit. You can take pictures with the landmark.

  • Royal National Park

This is the best place to go picnic in Sydney. If you are interested to have a picnic near the lake with a good and relaxing breeze in Sydney, this is the right place to go.

  • Sydney Opera House

This is the thing that should not be missed once you are in Sydney. This old but gold architecture will show you how amazing the building is.

  • Blue Mountains Day Trip

You can find very pleasing and gorgeous natural scenery here. You can see how beautiful the forest in this mountain by hiking.

  • Fish & Chips

If you have not tried these cheap meals, it means that you have not enjoyed Sydney in a whole way. So, try it!

  • Coogee Beach

This is another great beach in Sydney. Even though it is small, the place is so lovely and relaxing for the visitors.

  • Catmosphere Car Cafe

Do you enjoy having free time with your cats? Come to this cafe and find many people bring their cute cat here.

  • NSW Art Gallery

If you have so much love for art, do not miss this place once you are in Sydney. In this place, you will find many great arts exhibited.

That list informs you about things to do in Sydney with cheap price. So, do not miss those places and make sure to have good memories there. Enjoy Sydney!

Things to Enjoy Adventure in Banff National Park

Have you visited Canada? Canada is a country where you can find how great environment and nature. You can find how peaceful the environment in Vancouver. The condition that makes this country becomes one of the most live able cities in the world. Besides that, you still can find many interesting sides of Canada that can give you a different experience of exploring Canada, which is no other than Banff National Park.

Things To Make Your Adventure Becomes Memorable In Banff

What you will get in this park? Some people call this place as the “world’s heaven” and of course, it has the right reason behind its nickname. What is on your imagination after hearing “heaven”? You might have a very pleasant and peaceful place in your mind. This is how you will feel in Banff National Park! Therefore, you have to know the best way to enjoy your adventure in this National Park! Then, what you need to do in this place?

  • Enjoy the Sky

Once you arrive in Banff National Park,which is located in Alberta, Canada, you will find how beautiful the sky there.If you are seeking the best place to enjoy sky gazing, this is the right location for you to visit. You can enjoy the rainbow there and if you are in luck, you even can find how beautiful the rare double rainbow in this place.

Not only the rainbow, but you also can figure out how great the sky in some moments. Especially, when the night comes,the changing color from when the sunset is undoubtedly beautiful. It happens in the morning too. So, you can enjoy both sunrise and sunset in this place.

  • Enjoy the Mountains and Lake

Not only has the sky, but Banff National Park also has great mountains and beautiful lakes. You can visit some places like Lake Louise, Arthabasca Columbia Icefield, Glacier Skywalk and Peyto Lake can be your good destinations. Do not forget to take more pictures there to capture how beautiful nature.

As you will find very great and peaceful scenery, taking pictures will be a must for you. You can collect many pictures as you can. Make sure to prepare your additional battery and memory for your camera. Then, your camera will be able to keep all the captured scenery there.

Best Time To Visit And Thing To Do

It is important to consider about the time to visit this place. As the temperature there is very low, you better to consider about it. If you are okay with all the temperature, you can go there in every season you want. However, if you do not feel good with low temperature, it will be good to not going to Banff National Park in the middle of October. For your information, when this place is in the middle of winter, the temperature can reach the point of -20 degrees of Celsius, which is not that friendly for some people.

Then, what is the best thing to do in this place except taking photos and enjoying the sky? Of course, you have to try eating ice cream in this place! It sounds weird but you have to know that enjoying ice cream here will give you a different sensation. Do not mind the cool temperature here, since the ice cream will be great for you to try.

Direction To Visit Banff National Park

If you want to visit this Banff, you can reach it from Calgary, Alberta Canada. You also can enjoy the National Park by staying in Calgary. It would be better if you join any tour agent since you will get the plan and just need to enjoy the moments. If you decide to go there without the help of the tour agent, make sure to observe some information about the hotel or villa to spend your night.

Besides spending the night in Calgary, you also can spend your night in Banff. If this is your decision, you need to take the bus once you arrive in Calgary. Then, in Banff, you have to look for a hotel there. In the city, you still can find some hotels. You can choose what type of hotel as the place where you will spend your night before enjoying your trip in the next day!