Cool Things You Should Know about Mt Batur Volcano

Bali does not only offer you its beauty of the beaches, but also the mountain. Mount Batur is located in Bali and can be one of the destinations in your Bali holiday trip. It is highly recommended for you to join in Mount Batur sunrise trekking. This is the reason why the people like to visit this mountain in the morning since they can see the golden sunrise in the morning from the distance. Hence, for you who never experience it before, this is a must to do.

Mount Batur for Your Holiday Trip

Mount Batur is an active volcano which is located in Bangli Regency, Bali. This mountain has 2 concentric calderas which form a lake in the southeast side. If you are along with the beach beauty, it is recommended to visit the mountain before you go back to your home. It gives you a different experience, especially those who like to visit and trek the volcano. You can even create an unforgettable moment for your holiday.

Things that You Will Have for Sunrise Trekking

If you like to spend your holiday in Mount Batur, it is good for you to join in a trekking tour. Why this is highly recommended? It is simple, because you will be spoiled by the natural beauty of the mountain. Here are things that you should know to join in Mount Batur sunrise trekking.

  • Join in a trip tour

In order to visit Mount Batur, you are suggested to join in a tour. It is even so simple to do as you can search on the internet and book it earlier. Joining in an open trip will give you lots of benefits. You can just pay for a package which gives you several advantages, such as, guided by an experienced leader, good time management so that you can see the sunrise on time, any more facilities.

  • Sunrise

If you are wondering why you have to see the sunrise in Mount Batur, the answer is because you need to have the magical nature. Here you can see how the sun rises perfectly in the morning in which most of the people called it a golden sunrise. This would be a fully beautiful moment for you that you can see it from the distance.

  • Start in the morning

In joining Mount Batur sunrise trekking, of course, you need to be ready in the really early morning. That is the reason why joining in an open trip is needed. You need to wake up early and go to the meeting point as the agreement. You will have a briefing before you go. This must be fun to trek together with the people.

  • See the scenery

Trekking is actually something fun to do, you will not only be healthy but also be happy. Moreover, Mount Batur offers the scenery that you can see from the high. There is Ubud and Lake Batur near the mountain. In addition, you will be spoiled by nature along with your trip.

  • Tourist’s favorite destination

You know that this mountain is the people’s favorite. Those who are getting used to enjoying the beach may have a new experience to trek the volcano. Moreover, most of the tourists find this short trip was totally fun if you read on the reviews.

Therefore, those of you are highly recommended to visit Mount Batur. It would be such a good experience to do in joining Mount Batur sunrise trekking. See the beautifully golden sunrise in the morning and enjoy the fresh air. Now, you can book it earlier when you plan the itinerary in Bali. Trekking on a tour will be so much fun to do.