Experience Living in Papua

West Papua Indonesia is a part of Papua where it is famous for its many natural attractions. All you can see here is about the beautiful nature, such as the rainforests and oceans. Those are things that you can have it rarely in your life. On the other hand, the locals here still keep their tradition and ethnical life so that it becomes one of another unique thing that you can have if you live here. Actually, there are so many aspects that fill the life in West Papua. It would be a good experience if you live here to enjoy all the things that you never have before.

West Papua Geography

Geographically, West Papua has two peninsulas, such as Bomberai Peninsula and Bird’s Head Peninsula. As you can see on the map, this part is surrounded by the isles and oceans. It is also nearby Papua New Guinea. This can be proved that you can have in order to get a life in West Papua. The main thing that you will enjoy as much is about the beauty of the sea.

Things in West Papua

Then, what else do you know about life in West Papua? The following information can be the answer.

  • Economy

In a civilization, the economy comes as an important aspect. It will affect the life of its civilization whether the condition is good or not. In West Papua Indonesia, the economy is running from mining, tourism, and agriculture. West Papua as the wealth of mines so that the locals are mainly working in the mining industry. In addition, tourism is an aspect in which the government tries to build and enhance more and more. Then, agriculture is an occupation that the locals have seen from its geographical area.

  • Culture

West Papuan is so ethnical since they still keep the tradition from their ancestors. This is good as you can also find out how they keep and maintain the culture really well. This is also called as the uniqueness of West Papua. On the other hand, some are going to modern life that you can similarly find in cities. In addition, there are also people who are in a group of comers, such as Javanese, Bataknese and Chinese people.

  • Tourism

Most of you may be familiar with the tourist attraction in West Papua, such as Raja Ampat, Fak Fak, Jaya Wijaya Mountain and so on. Living in West Papua Indonesia means that you can enjoy it as much as you can. Hence, if you live in West Papua, you will be frequently spoiled by its natural beauty that you never find on the other places.

Thus, it is good for you to find out about life in West Papua Indonesia. This place has thousands of things that you can’t find in other places. In addition, you can also learn about the ethnical life that leads to happiness in a simple life. Moreover, the pampered scenery you can enjoy every day makes you feel thankful to live in this area.