Experience the Ultimate Tastiness in Taiwan

Spending holidays in Taiwan is one of the fun things to do. When it comes to culinary, Taiwan offers plenty of food options. In this case, you can consider some foods with delicious taste at a very affordable price. Choosing the foods for your holiday is also a great option, as you can consider how you deal with the local delicacies. You must know that Taiwanese street foods are the best. You can find plenty of Taiwanese foods with a unique taste. So, you will never regret having them for your tour in Taiwan.

Options for a Fun Culinary Experience in Taiwan

When it comes to you to opt for good food in Taiwan, you can choose some delicious street foods for your need. In this case, you will find unique culinary you’ve never seen before. When you choose them, you will find them as a good, unforgettable culinary experience.

  1. Stinky tofu is one of the most important things you can eat during your visit to Taiwan. It is available at the night market with its characterized, unique smell. It does stink and you might be reluctant to eat them at first, but you will find its delicious taste when you choose them. Of course, you need to handle its smell before consuming them.
  2. If you want good food with a quite satisfying taste and portion, then considering small bun in a big bun is the right thing to do. It is good street food, where a small bun is wrapped inside a bigger bun. It tastes a bit salty and sweet, giving a perfect sensation at your tongue.
  3. Another combo culinary you can meet in Taiwan is a small sausage in a big sausage. This delicious street food will blow your mind as it gives you a good taste and a high quality taste. The small sausage in a big sausage is one option with its delicious pork sausage wrapped inside a sticky rice sausage. No wonder, it will be a delicious treat for your tour during in Taiwan.

The Unique Drinks to Buy in Taiwan

Not only is the street foods delicious, but also the street vendors provide various drinks to freshen up your walk around Taiwan. In this case, you can consider some delicious drinks in Taiwan for getting a good day during your trip.

  1. Aiyu jelly drink will be a good option for everyone who loves the refreshing drink to accompany your trip in Taiwan. It is a combination of fig seeds and fresh, sweet lemon water. It will give you a very sensational taste when you drink them while you walk the streets in Taiwan.
  2. If you love ice cream, then you’ll love the ice cream sandwich with delicious crush peanuts inside. You can find this unique ice cream along Taiwan’s streets, getting more sensations as you can find plenty of delicious ice creams in various tastes.

So, those are some information you need to know about Taiwanese street foods. With lots of innovation and unique taste, you will love how they wrap their street foods in such a way. So, let’s go getting the foods!