Top 3 Best Android Games and Cool Tips to Complete the Mission

Mobile games will never die as it will getting developed time by time. Moreover, the Android user will be spoiled by so many choices of games. Commonly, when you play the game, you need to complete the mission to go to the next level. In this case, the use of Game Generator will help you a lot.

What are The Most Favorite Games in 2019?

This year, there are several games which are loved by most of the Android users. You know that games are addictive and you will never stop and always getting more curious to up your level. Therefore, it would be so much easier for you to use the third party to get you to the next level without any barrier.

Top Three Android Games

For your recommendation, here are several best Android games which will be the people’s favorite of this 2019:

  • Fortnite

This game is very popular in the United States and now it is likely getting to the world since then it can be played by the youth and adult.  Initially, this game was only available in iOS, but now the Android users can download it as well.  Fortnite is known as the royale-style battle game which is full of strategy and color. In order to play the game, you need to complete the level by mastering the building structures. However, if you don’t, this game still gets you fun.


  • PUBG Mobile

Another favorite Android game is Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile or known as PUBG. Here what you need to do is survive yourself and kill the others. You and 99 other people who have the same idea will be battled. However, there will be only one victor who is alive in this game. You will be given a map and shoot others and make yourself keep alive in this game.


  • Into Dead 2

Your mission of this game is to kill the zombie in such a fun way. You will struggle this through maps in order to make you and your family get survived. In addition, in the middle of your journey, you need to pick the weapons and do anything that you can do to make all the zombies die. Here, it is recommended for you to get help from the Game Generator to get you easier to pass any level.


Those are the top 3 Android games which are loved by the people. All of the games need the struggle to make you step into the next level. However, it is not a bad idea if you use the Game Generator since it will help you much to be taken into the next level of the game.

The use of game generator would be one of the great tips for the mobile game freak. They will be easier to complete the mission. In addition, it makes them easily beat others in the game. Hence, you can save your time playing the Android games and step you into the new level of the game which means you will face the new challenge of the game.