Top Music Apps For Travel Lifestyle


Traveling and music, can you relate both of things? Traveling around certain places might be the most interesting thing you can do for your life. Find new thing and new people must be the biggest pleasure that you have. Moreover, you can complete your journey by the best songs for every step you do. Even you can do a song cover that will remind you with particular memories in your life. So, it is how music works on your traveling days. Nowadays, with the smartphone, only you can find anything, especially for music. As a traveler who loves music to die, you need to have these applications on your smartphone.

iTunes for Your Life

iPhone becomes the most popular smartphone since years back ago until now. Then, Apple as the brand has its own place to serve any kind of costumers needs. For music, you can go with iTunes. It is a perfect application which every iPhone users have must. You can even do the song cover based on the playlist that you like the most. So, here are the benefits of using iTunes:

  • Various Music

Although you need to purchase every song, it is legal. You can purchase any kind of music that you love the most. Based on the records, there are more than 40 million songs on the iTunes catalogs.

  • Videos are Also Available

Besides music, you can also find TV shows and movies. It will be more compatible with you who easily bored on your way. As like as the music, you can purchase the movies or TV shows which are available.

Get More Music with Spotify

If you think that iTunes is not such “friendly” for you, so you can go with Spotify. It is the most iconic music application nowadays. You can even find the song cover by other musicians and add it into your favorite playlist. It comes with two versions, which are free and premium. For the free one, you cannot skip the music for more than 5 times and there are some songs which only allowed for the premium version. However, the premium version is not as expensive as you think.  You will get the benefits from Spotify like:

  • Unlimited Access

Spotify nowadays becomes the most used application. Easy access and unlimited songs are the most benefits you can get. Moreover, Spotify will help you to find your favorite genre and recommend the new one.

  • Various Music Contents

You can also find a lot of music contents which can be choose based on your taste or mood. There is a feature which helps you with easy access.

iHeartRadio: Radio can be Compatible

Do you such a man who likes to listen to whatever kind of music? Radio must be the best one. Nowadays, you cannot only use the radio for car stereo. You can download iHeartRadio which is the broadcast radio application. There are various radio stations which can be chosen even for the local station. Commercial songs or song cover can be easily listened to here.