Unveiling the 10 Best Windows Apps for Productivity

Windows has been one of the most used operating systems for PCs. Opting for the best operating system for your PCs and laptops means you need to deal with their apps. Therefore, you can improve your PC condition by downloading the apps. FileHorse is the place where you can download the applications without hesitation. There, you can find plenty of useful apps to try. There is no doubt you can get the best from the apps.

The Importance of Productivity Apps for PCs

Installing the productivity apps will give you easiness in doing your everyday need. Taking notes, keeping up with your schedule and even do your undone jobs will be much easier when you choose the application from the recommended platforms. Productivity apps will help you to organize your life and activities, making it more than just a complement on your PC. You can get plenty of functions and benefits when choosing them.

10 of the Most Useful Productivity Apps for Windows

For everyone who uses Windows as their operating system, there are some useful apps to try. You can download these applications on FileHorse, a complete website of the apps for PCs and laptops. Here is a brief list you can try:

  1. Dropbox appears as one of the leading apps for file storage and transfer. As you choose this app, you can complete a full feature of transferring files without taking too much time. It is the strongest competitor of Google Drive.
  2. Evernote is also a good app for you to try. This notebook app will give you a complete feature for being your digital notebook. You can make a to-do-list, notes and others for making sure your activities can be tracked perfectly.
  3. Google Keep will also be a good option for you. This app will help you to organize the tasks you need to do in a week or a month. You can even add its extension to your PC’s Google Chrome, making easy access for remembering a website you love.
  4. MindMeister is the solution for everyone who is usually stuck between the ideas. Sometimes, you cannot put all of your ideas together. Therefore, this app will help you a lot in sorting things out of your mind. Of course, it would be a helpful app for everyone.
  5. For everyone who is looking for an easy app for editing the photos, you can choose Pixlr. Although it cannot replace Photoshop’s function, you can still get plenty of benefits when choosing Pixlr. With its easy navigation, it is a go-to photo app to use.
  6. For everyone who often uses the chart for presentation, you can use the simple Lucidchart for your Windows. It helps you to present the ideas simpler and more organized. Suitable for presentations and documents, you will love this app so much!
  7. Recently, the use of a screenshot app is widely used by modern people. But, when you need to make a video screenshot, you can choose using Screencastify for easy access.
  8. For tracking the app, it’s better for you to install RescueTime. It helps you to track the apps you use on your PC and revealing whether it helps you to work faster or not.
  9. Toggl is also a good app for everyone who wants to keep track of their tasks and meeting planners. Especially for the ones who are looking for an easy task tracking app, it will help you a lot for it.
  10. Cloze will be a good option if you need a good app for the PC. You can use them as an address book, making them easy to access for everyone.

So, those are the useful apps you can install on your PC. Download the best app from FileHorse for boosting your productivity.